C3 is a consortium of professional and logistics service companies who support the chemical industry in NW England. C3 has been formed in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University.


C3 supports the growth and increased competitiveness of companies within the North West
through improved supply chain performance.

The consortium was formed in recognition that:


We aim to provide a forum to encourage collaboration and cooperation amongst members/companies operating in the North West by;


We are seeking membership from companies and organisations who want to benefit from a collaborative approach and are willing to be active participants in events and initiatives designed deliver shared benefits.

Companies and organisations must be involved in the chemical products sector, including;

Membership will be filtered to ensure a high level of open forum
discussions and a commitment to collaborate in order to achieve success.

First Steps

We will commence with a review aimed at deepening our understanding of local supply chain issues. We see this as a two stage process.

First, a survey of willing counterparties in the chemicals sector. This will then be followed by a series of workshops to focus in on the early wins and key issues for further exploration.

We would also propose to develop a board level network forum, to provide a forum for continual improvement of the supply chain into the future, enabling our group to stay ahead of the crowd and continually develop, in collaboration, leading edge solutions for local companies.

From this forum we hope a number of working groups can be established to bring together member companies, academics and industry experts to develop and promote practical solutions to specific shared issues.

What you need to do

For now, the only action you need to contemplate is whether you register to participate in the consortium and to be part of the industry review. This can be achieved by expressing your interest to be involved by contacting Abi Lewis

a.h.lewis@ljmu.ac.uk C3

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